Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Starting Point

This is my blog documenting my year creating my educational video website.

Though I have been working steadily on the website since summer, I finally feel like I am making progress.

For the last three weeks, I have been reading a great deal about databases and working through countless tutorials. It seems like I should be able to make the whole website on my own. This is incredibly good news, since I had budgeted five thousand dollars for a web designer, and that might not have been enough. 

The website that I have created may not be as slick as a professional one, but I can always hire someone once it becomes profitable.

Today, I had a minor breakthrough. I made a page in PHP that let users try a free trial of the website. The hard part was making the website send an automatic confirmation email with a password. Since there is not a built in function in Dreamweaver, I had to use code which was surprisingly finicky.

In just a week or two, I will be ready to find teachers and film their lectures. That is when the real fun will start.