Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009

Exciting times here at Clickademics.

I am ready to take the next step on my website, gathering content.

Until now, I have been filming my own lectures in my own house. I am presently hunting for teachers to contribute their lectures. Early next week, I will send out an email to 100 teachers in the area inviting them to be a part of the website. I even found a large, quiet room where I can film - for free.

I am hoping to line up a number of teachers for the next two months of Saturdays. If I can do all of my filming on Saturdays, then I can edit all week. I would be able to gather a lot of content quickly.

If I can book a number of Saturdays, I can find some friends or old students to be my assistants. That should make it a lot easier.

I cannot wait to see the responses to my email.

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